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18/11/2021 Update
Forum: Annoucments
Last Post: Mod Pain
11-19-2021, 08:45 AM
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Update 17/11/2021
Forum: Annoucments
Last Post: Mod Pain
11-19-2021, 08:36 AM
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  18/11/2021 Update
Posted by: Mod Pain - 11-19-2021, 08:45 AM - Forum: Annoucments - No Replies

  • Changed daily tips timer from 5 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Added start of Blast Furnance
  • Started work on Gauntlet minigame
  • Replica of Pyramid Plunder has been finished
  • Shooting star works now properly
  • You can know see where Shooting Star is located at Quest Tab
  • Added "Zahur" NPC who cleans herbs, makes unfinished potions and decants at home.

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Star Update 17/11/2021
Posted by: Mod Pain - 11-19-2021, 08:36 AM - Forum: Annoucments - No Replies

  • New login messages to staff/donators
  • Fixed some nightmare zone bugs (Still work in progress)
  • Added Patchy to Moss 'Le Harmless who can sew loads of things
  • Added Aubury (Varrock) Teleport option to essence mine
  • You can now buy cats from Gertrude Varrock
  • Working Hans now showing your account age and correct dialouge from OSRS
  • Added Mawnis Burowgar (NPC that sells Neitiznot helm to players (meant for ironmen)
  • Added Monk Of Etrana Teleport
  • Added Rug Merchant Teleports
  • Sedridor essence mine teleport
  • Added Wizard Cromperty Teleports
  • Fixed some bugs with Melee Bot
  • Added Otto Godbleessed (Barbarian Skilling)
  • You can now lit candles with tinderbox
  • You can now poision weapons (Dragon daggeer/Dragon Spear/Dragon Dagger/Dragon Spear
  • You can now charge Scythe Of Vitur
  • You can now make Blood Fury
  • Possible now to craft faceguard with Neitiznot helm Basilisk jaw
  • Added Amulet of Avarice will skull you when equiped
  • Added Lumbridge Teleport ring with correct functions
  • All Rune Talismans will teleport to the location of the Talisman
  • Offline Trade Post (NEEDS BIT WORK)
  • Added loads of new Potions/Foods
  • Can dissect sacred eels for Zulrah Scales
  • Added Staff menu interface for Administrators
  • Experiments CaveĀ  Lever added
  • Added Forthos Dungeon
  • Jatizso Mining Ladder
  • Keldagrim Dungeon Shortcuts
  • Added fully functioning Lizardman Temple
  • Mining Guild Ladder
  • Added cure poision/venom and fixed when you drink you're boosted stats will be gone on Rejuvenation Pool
  • Forthos Chest
  • Added shortcuts Al-Kharid Brokeen wall and window, Barbagil Pipe, Champions Guild Stairs, Falador Castle east, Karuulmdungeon Pipe
  • Brimstone Chest added requied Brimstone Key
  • Almost all doors/gates Working now
  • You can now pick gabbages, grain, onion, flex(CHECK), potatos
  • Some clipping fixes with bankers and some npcs

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